Ban Appeal... i guess

So… i’m banned for some reason :-/ Why?

Rule 6. You used /t spawn to get to ehbaron for his head, exactly what we were just talking about before. Baron even confirmed that you just appeared in front of him and then killed him right outside of his town.

  1. I even clarified that i had his permission to kill him, he said yes (He knew i was trying to get his head)

  2. We had left his town

  3. I’m almost positive he hit me first

  4. It was longer than 5 minutes that i was there (you mentioned that last night, about /tp’s involving killing)

DId you do /t spawn to get there? Baron said that you just appeared there…

Yes i did, but still, read the 4 things i listed out…

[02:55:19]   To ehbaron123456789: idk, did you promise midnight your head or did she just appear here?


[02:56:27]   ehbaron123456789: She just appeared in front of me lol



SO you admit to breaking rule 6… We’re done here people!

Devore just snapped you into a slim jim

No, remember that self defense thing that happened a while back? Even if you use a tp you can defend yourself if someone attacks you… which he hit me first. And even as you said yesterday, that thing about being somewhere for longer than 5 minutes (which i was there for longer than 5 minutes). And if you look in the logs you’ll also see the pm’s about how he said it was okay that i get his head…





Ok i’m done. 


Midnight did you break a rule?

But this isnt a teleport, it’s using town spawn… You did this to headhunt! Icewolf and TBone got in trouble with this same thing a while back, it’s why we got rid of towny in dynmap a long time ago…

I’m confused, are you saying its not part of rule 6 then? Because rule 6 applies to teleports only…

And i’ve asked staff before, some of those reasons i stated over rule that rule, especially the self defense thing…

Edit: also, when i was doing /t spawn, it was to look at his town, i wasn’t doing it JUST to get his head…

I thought you would have gotten it through your head last night during the THOROUGH explanation this morning.

Sorry for the double post but I’m going to point out that using ./t spawn is a teleport as it TELEPORTS you to a town’s spawn

I was asking because devore just said it wasn’t…

Also, i’m still waiting on word from him or some other staff or admin, because i still believe I didn’t do anything wrong, and am still curious, because if devore says its not a teleport then its not breaking rule 6, which is for teleports… so i’m waiting on him or some other staff/admin to confirm all of this…

And shiift, you could have editted that first post you made instead of double posting :-/

Alrighty then, now we’re going to lie again? You’re only lying to yourself now, I have several people who are on a lot of the time who will agree that you do not do that to “look at other people’s towns” like you claim you do. AustinCraigory and Shiift_Aquaaah have both noticed that you do that to get a playerhead. 

NEXT comes the arguing. At least once a week now you argue with me about some rule that you think is ‘vague’, trying your best to get around it or figure out, and I quote from you last night, "loopholes’. And if you’re going to play stupid YET AGAIN, here’s EXACTLY what you said last night: 

[02:22:43]   «Donator» Midnightgoddess1: i like to know my loopholes

I’m done with dealing with you being a problem day in and day out on the server. It has gotten to the point that you argue with EVERYONE about ANYTHING. Players have told me time and again that they do not want to get on the server because you’re on. You CAUSE problems. Every time a new member is on, you IMMEDIATELY ask for their head, and if they dont reply, you harass them over and over until they reply. You do this when ANYONE doesnt reply to you IMMEDIATELY, on YOUR watch. Want an example? How about last night?? If not, I’m sure I could go a few days back in my logs for more and more examples.

[02:33:48]   «Donator» Midnightgoddess1: Still no answer on that being asked to leave thing…

[02:34:31]   «Donator» Midnightgoddess1: No he didnt… i dont see him typing anything…

[02:34:51]   «Donator» Midnightgoddess1: I don’t see devore typing at all…

[02:35:46]   «Donator» Midnightgoddess1: Has devore been typing or anything? I havent seen anything after “.-.”

Shift even said that you’re harassing me for an answer since I didn’t respond

[02:35:57]   Altruist ShiiFT_AquaaaH: why does it matter midnight

[02:36:02]   Altruist ShiiFT_AquaaaH: you’re harassing him for an answer

[02:36:05]   «Donator» Midnightgoddess1: no

[02:36:07]   Altruist ShiiFT_AquaaaH: LOL

[02:36:08]   «Donator» Midnightgoddess1: im curious about a rule

Now let me give you the definition of harassment:  Harassment  covers a wide range of behaviors of an offensive nature. It is commonly understood as behavior intended to disturb or upset, and it is characteristically repetitive. In the legal sense, it is intentional behavior which is found threatening or disturbing. 

By that definition, you were harassing me for an answer when I was clearly afk.

I rest my case for now…

The only reason about last night that i kept asking was not to harass you or anyone for an answer, Austin was saying that you answered and were talking, even though you weren’t… It turns out that you were just afk and you never answered my question (austin was wrong). I just got the false impression from him that there was something wrong with my connection or MC, that i couldn’t see what you were typing, im sorry about that incident.

Now, I have stopped harassing people for heads since i was warned about it a while back. What new players have joined that i “IMMEDIATELY” harassed them for their head? When new players join, I don’t ask them for their head unless a few days go by, after they learn more about the server and how it all works. If they say no, i stop asking, its that simple. I do not harass people for their heads. So again, what new players do I “IMMEDIATELY” ask for their head, then harass them when they don’t reply?

Also, one thing that pisses me off about this community, is how some of you EXTREMELY bend the definition of the word harassment. Heres one definition of it (out of the millions on the internet) : “aggressive pressure or intimidation.” You guys (especially ShiiFT_AquaaaH) think that when you ask a question twice, even if its just to clarify something, that you are harassing someone. That’s not what harassment is. It’s not aggressive, or intimidating someone, or putting pressure on someone. Everyone slams on me (especially ShiiFT_AquaaaH) when i ask a question twice, even if they are minutes apart, and even if its totally unrelated to heads. It’s stupid, because others ask questions more than once and don’t get slammed for harassment like I do.

And FYI, i was going to look at his town, it had nothing to do with obtaining his head.

Then why do you claim to have asked him for his head?


Now, I have stopped harassing people for heads since i was warned about it a while back. 

You haven’t stopped asking!! I log in yesterday and a few days ago “Micky, do you want to buy heads” I reply no and you go on and on to the point where I ignore you because you wont shut up going on about heads!

Stop lying and quit bugging me every minute about heads or I just use the ignore command.

Shiift, i said i did, but it was not my intention for going there. Can’t you read?

Micky, I asked once if you wanted to buy any, you said no, so i stopped talking to you. So what that i kept talking about heads? Ignore me then, its something I like talking about, but i stopped asking you.

Now you want to say I can’t read? Sorry excuse me with my 96 general average this year.

And by the way you asked TheFarmerier or however you spell his name for his head. And I don’t think he’s been on for a long time… but when he got on and you did to you asked for his head.