Ban Appeal For Dirtbikes95


In game name:  dirtbikes95

Rank before I was banned:  I was an Emerald Donator, I was also a Designer.

Who banned me:  Konig_Wolf53

Why I was banned:  I was banned for a multitude of reasons, such as being immature, and evading a mute. Though at that time I felt like it was very unfair, I now realize my actions were incredibly out of hand, and very immature.

Why I feel like I should be unbanned:  I personally feel like I should be unbanned because this occurred awhile back, and I’ve matured a lot since then. I do personally apologize to each and every staff member for being rude and ignorant in the past. I have gone over the top in this community, and I can not apologize enough. If I could have a fresh start in this community, I would not abuse it, but cherish every moment with all of my good old friends. Me bypassing my mute was very stubborn and out of hand. This is why I feel like I should be unbanned, and given a fresh start in the community.

What I will do if I get unbanned:  If I get unbanned, I would most likely return to the town I bought, Kalmar. I would hopefully negotiate with the owner to hopefully get the town back, also I would return to my wonderful island and continue building. 



Banned forever means forever don’t it? last time i checked it was. 



Micky, I have been banned for a year now, and the community, and others, seemed to be overwhelmed and excited to see me when I revealed one of my alts was me on the server. Also I’ve built up a steady relationship with everyone except you. I feel like I deserve another shot, being that it was a long time ago, and I’ve grown up a lot.



Micky can you not, thanks



Look, i remember dirtbikes back in the day. I highly doubt after one year that he deserves to still be banned. Forever or whatever you want to classify it, it is a game after all and its been long enough. Missed you dirt!



Not long enough bro, wait ten years and then maybe you can get unbanned. You are so highly disliked on the server that nobody even talks about what happened anymore. I still have not forgiven you for all the harsh things that you have said and done to me and my friends on the 1337clan server.



Not me. I still hate you.



Yee. Well i mean i understand for disliking someone, even for a while maybe but come on. What could someone possibly have done to upset you for over a year over the internet? Im not saying forgive him or anything, dont take what im saying wrong but i dont understand this grudge right now. Also, which i said over a year once but i just realized you said no one talks about what happened anymore which is obvious because of time. I dont sit around my house like “dang. i remember dis gui a year bak, hiz nam wuz wiw8520135 n he liked munkeys”. I mean come on lol. Im not gonna argue just at least try to forgive or forget, whatever manner it is. Its just a waste of time to be upset unless he literally came to your house and stole stuff and stabbed you which is unlikely. [Not talking minecraft.] Also, do understand, in no offense but i take stuff over the internet like whatever. People can say anything to me and ill forget it in 12 seconds. Nothing bothers me as its technically speaking not even real.

I wont start a war here people but just give it some thought, all right?



Oh? So you’re in charge around here now? HAHAHA nope.



Wait shiift… are you telling me boattruck3000 isnt the owner? My whole life is a lie and a sham.



Lets get back on topic, shall we?

BoatTruck, are you two faced? When I logged on, you were very happy that I was there, and you were excited that I was attempting to make a comeback. Yes, we have had our conflicts, but before I was even close to being banned, we got on good terms and were good friends, now when I make an appeal, you come in and bash it…

"y i see no logic"



Both of you let’s just stop talking about it or I can lock the thread k thanks bai



Thanks ShiiFT.



Lock it you wont! Oh wait, that doesnt help. Ummmm… IM NOT GOOD AT THIS. Well, i have nothing else to say. Good luck getting back onto the server dirt. Really think you deserve it and hope to see you soon.



OK for one, I never said that I was in charge, and two I just don’t trust him, that’s all I’m trying to get at here. No offense to ShiiFT or TheGho7t. 



Thanks, Gho :slight_smile:



No problem lad. Im trying to be more nice anyways. Its kind of difficult lol. Not really but still, i used to hate everyone honestly. 



 Its kind of difficult 

LOL, Yeah I think we all have troubles being nice.



HEY SHUT UP! Crap… sorry… im not good at this still.