Altruist restock


Wen an admin is free could I get a restock on materials please.
Please restock on the following:
Stone bricks
Nether bricks
Water buckets
Stone brick stairs
Nether brick stairs

Please restock at least 2 chests full of 1 material etc.
I work very hard an quick and currently out of materials.

I know admins are busy and I respect that. However if your not busy please come on and restock.
Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

** UPDATE 28/11/13 **
Restocked by admin


Need restocking on the following:
Stone bricks
Stone brick stairs

Thank you :slight_smile:

** UPDATE 1st December 2013 **
Restocked on:
Stone bricks
Stone brick stairs

Thanks Konig.


Please restock oh sponges.
3 is not enough (thought it was however I am mistaken)
Nether brick stairs (only for like a few stacks left in chest)
Nether brick ("")
Diamond pickaxes

Thank you

Progress of the subway:
Going well not half way however it’s getting their.