The title says it all!

I can’t wait for the move to 1.7.4!
OghieJNFPOIWE:F Bukket team, hurry the fark up!!!

There are only two reasons I haven’t been on the server: 1.) I always catch it when the version is behind, and 2.) I’m busy with school when the versions finally match.

I’m so glad Christmas break is coming up! I’m gonna probably get to play on the server, if I don’t forget!!!
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Fat chance of Bukkit getting a stable 1.7 release out sometime before 1.8 comes out. Bukkit has made almost 0 progress. They aren’t even working on it enough to make nightly releases.

[Citation Needed]
Fortunately for you, I come with facts!

The craft bukkit team is working really hard on the 1.7 push, but are currently in the development stages due to the massive amount of back end changes that Mojang did to minecraft with this update. They’re got a long ways to go, but are working as best as they can to push it out. Please be patient, I know it’s hard waiting but please understand that the CB team is working their hardest. Remember that they also have day jobs most likely and you can’t just expect them to drop everything just to entertain you.

They’ve made a lot of progress on the newer updates, but like I said earlier it’s still in the development stages, so don’t expect it till around the first of the year to be beta.

If you’d like to join us, just downgrade your version to 1.6.4, it’s not hard in the new launcher.

Sources: http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/craftbukkit/