1.4 Update

1337clan will not be updating the server quite yet, probably sometime around Halloween!

If you have already updated, you can revert it quickly using this:

Otherwise you can play on your own in 1.4, but that’s no fun.

*We’ve Updated to 1.4.2 11/3/12*

I was just wondering. Will we restart the map when it’s updated?




So can we get a general time frame as to the updating of the server, seeing that its past Halloween?

Well unfortunately, some of the key plugins we need for the server aren’t quite done updating to 1.4.2, so we just have to be patient and wait on the admins word. Sorry about the inconvenience.

I’m losing my gold rank!! This is annoying!!

We’ve Updated to 1.4!

About time gee no one told me about it! thanks admins >:(

We just did, when this post was made… That’s why its under announcements.

aaaand, 1.4.4, i really hate mojang’s patch schedule sometimes >:(

you’ve got to be kidding me! 1.4.4! now i must wait, as i have unfortunately updated!

Fox on the top of this thread there is a link to a trusted program that will, hands free, change your minecraft file to an earlier version

Reverting back to an older version seems to be a hassle, might as well just wait.